Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation and Analysis of Governing Parameters on Micro End-milling Process            0000-00-00
2    Investigation and Analysis of Cutting Force and Surface Roughness on Deep Drilling Process Using Gundrill    M.Sc.    khatibi, mohammad bagher    0000-00-00
3    Investigation and Analysis of Cutting Force and Surface Roughness on Micro End-milling Process    M.Sc.    haghighat doost, rahim    0000-00-00
4    design, direct and inverse kinematic and dynamic, and trajectory generation of an industrial welding robot    M.Sc.    Vafapour, Reza    2010-10-14
5    Investigations on application of Acoustic Emissions for in-process detection of workpiece burn or crack on conventional grinding machines    M.Sc.    Imani Khani, Kambiz    2012-03-01
6    Survey Parameters micro-holes created by the electrical discharge method on tungsten carbide    M.Sc.    tafazzoli, nima    2012-10-29
7    3D MECHANICAL ATLAS OF CATAGLYPHIS NODUS    M.Sc.    Forouhar, Danial    2013-06-17
8    Dynamic,modeling and control of a 6-degree of freedom under-actuated robot with PID and PID-sliding mode    M.Sc.    Norouzi Ghazbi, Somayeh    2013-09-09
9    Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerila Vehicle & Design Sliding Mode-Genetic Controller    M.Sc.    amini, samane    2013-12-16
10    Trajectory Generation and Control of Knee Exoskeleton without Using Biological Signals    Ph.D    Kamali, Kaveh    2014-01-23
11    Fuzzy logic control for vehicle stability enhancement ‎by variable geometry suspension system    Ph.D    Baghaeian, Mansour    2014-03-05
12    Designe and cinematic and dynamic analysis of plum peeling mechanism    M.Sc.    Saedipoor, Mohamad javad    2014-06-02
13    Artificial neural network modeling for prediction and accuracy improvement of hot deformation behavior of Al-Al2O3 nanocomposites    M.Sc.    Belador, Morteza    2014-06-09
14    Dynamic Modeling and Damage Detection of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine    Ph.D    Sheibani, Mohammad    2014-07-16
15    Study for Strength of Permanent Connection of Two Non-Identical HSS and Carbon-Manganese Steel 30Mn5 with Experimental Tests    M.Sc.    Jalili Mohtasham, Seyed Mojtaba    2014-10-20
16    Backing up Enhancement of Multi Articulated Vehicles Using Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning    Ph.D    Goharimanesh, Masoud    2014-12-11
17    Optimization of Drilling Process on St37 by Taguchi Method    M.Sc.    samavi, javad    2015-03-09
18    Design, manufacture and control of voice coil actuator fatigue testing machine at high frequency    Ph.D    safehian, javad    2015-10-13
19    A study on the relationship between contact stresses and bending stress with backlasha of a pair of standard gears    M.Sc.    mohammadi, seyyedeh mahdiyeh    2015-12-14
20    Design and Synthesis of tractor-mounted robot manipulator for agricultural products handling    Ph.D    shariati, seyed iman    2016-06-05
21    Investigation of Resistance Spot Welding parameters of High-Carbon steels    M.Sc.    abdolahpoor, mostafa    2016-06-06